Go Global as a Wholesaler and Drop-shipper in the U.S. with Future Brands Group

With Future Brands Group (FBG), international brands have the chance to establish themselves as wholesalers and drop-shippers in the U.S. market with minimal risk and a low investment threshold.

FBG serves as a dynamic marketplace where top-tier producers and international brands can directly connect with independent retailers and consumers. We function as an agent and a turn-key distributor, shouldering the responsibility of managing wholesale operations, distribution logistics, and exclusive drop-shipping services on behalf of our partner brands.


FBG has established infrastructure for wholesale, distribution, drop-ship, and consumer-direct sales in North America. 

FBG Members can utilize this infrastructure with cost-sharing model. 

Online Product Catalog, ERP, EDI Setups with major retailers, Inventory Sync, Reporting and Back-office Team. 

FBG utilizes a 3PL warehouse in Long Island New York. 

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FBG's Showroom is located in 7th Avenue and 28th Street in Chelsea District of New York City. 

We exhibit in many tradeshows including Coterie, Atlanta Apparel, Atlanta Gift, and more...

FBG Team has a strong sales network including department stores, retail chains, boutiques, online stores, and non-traditional sales channels.

FBG Members can be part of the showroom and tradeshows with a cost-sharing model. 

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FBG has a strong management team with long term experience in the wholesale and online retail of footwear, accessories. 

FBG's sales and marketing team is growing in the U.S. and backoffice team is growing internationally (Philippines, India, Vietnam, Pakistan)

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Why FBG as a partner in the U.S.?

• North American market entry is extremely costly and risky for producers and international brands. FBG's offers these services at a fraction of the cost.

• Building an efficient infrastructure is difficult and takes resources and time to implement. FBG solution provides a “jump start” opportunity.

• The traditional wholesale model requires higher pricing for the consumer due to high entry/ operating cost.

• The FBG model allows brands to compete profitably in the U.S and increases brand recognition worldwide, as well as exposure to retailers.

Our Services

We have different programs available for different size of brands.... 

Designer's Incubator

Independent Designers can utilize our services for tradeshows and sales. Excellent start with minimum risk. 

Digital Marketplace

Brands can utilize our technology, warehouse, operations and back-office services to expand their digital business. Perfect solution for small- medium size businesses. 

Enterprise Programs

Medium & Large size enterprises can utilize our full scope services tailored for their business requirements and vision for expansion. 


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