Transitioning into Fall
Elevate Your Wardrobe for the Seasonal Shift

As the air turns crisp, we switch from breezy light fabrics, to layering rich tones. Updating your wardrobe is one of the most enjoyable parts during the transition. This fall we are focusing on textures, colors, and classic essentials. We are here to help curate your new wardrobe with our favorite fall pieces.

Embrace Texture

Silk and satin textures bring class and simplicity into your fall wardrobe. Try layering our Walnut Melbourne, the perfect base, Monica dress with a chunky knit sweater for a stylish mix of textures that works day or night. For an easy look try the Pompeii skirt that effortlessly blends textures. The easy juxtaposition of texture will elevate any fall look.


Rich Colors

Rich fall colors add warmth and elevate style. Deep burgundies, mustard yellows, and earthy greens complement cozy textures like knit sweaters and suede boots. These hues can be styled multiple ways throughout your wardrobe whether it is from your Saint G shoes or Walnut staples.

Mastering the 'It' Colors of Fall 2024: Your Saint G Guide